And Now For Something Completely Different…The Magic Bag

When I read Swiss Family Robinson as a child, I was fascinated by the mother’s “magic bag” from which she produced exactly what was needed for the family. Needle and thread? Check. A Bible for an impromptu church service? Check.

And sometime in those early years my parents took us on a camping trip to the Outer Banks. My little brother, about 3, refused to step foot on any sand the entire time and every home movie shows my poor mom toting him around. (Hi, Steven!) But that’s beside my point.

Two parents, an un-airconditioned car, three children (ages 3, 6, and 10) and two weeks camping in the hot mid-summer heat . . . My mother packed a magic bag. Snacks, games, insect repellant, whatever we needed.

I blame these early childhood incidents for my total travel obsession with packing everything I might possibly need into the smallest, lightest space possible. Plus, I get a kick out of not spending money, so buying things I need once I’m on vacation is not something I want to do.

The homemade kitchen suitcase I made for camping was one of my early achievements. If I can find an old photo, I’ll blog about that specifically later.

But now, having recently taken a 3-week trip to Greece with only one small carryon (about 18 pounds total) and my purse, I thought I’d start a series of blogs about a few of my favorite things to take on trips. I’ll ask some of my traveling friends to contribute their favorites, too.

So chime in–what is your favorite trick for traveling light?

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