#FallWritingFrenzy Challenge

First 2 lines of poem

So when the fabulous #FallWritingFrenzy organizers suggested taking one line of your story and spinning off a whole new one, it felt natural to write my spooky story’s not-so-spooky sequel.

My line from the original story:

…And found the rest down the street

Halloween Street

By Lisa Lowe Stauffer


A drifting ghost shouting, “Boo!” 

A cat in black –I can’t tell who.  A walking, silly, wobbly hat!

Tripping, falling — Watch out! SplatA princess shining, head to toe. 

A beak with wings . . . Oh, it’s a crow!

A monster-slayer from the deep and next to him–A wooly sheep!

A fire fighter with her dog.  A lumberjack, ax, and log.

That’s all of us, except for me. . . 





me a



(Hopefully the poem’s tree shape shows up on your device!)

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