My Current Magic Bag

In my never-ending quest to travel lighter and smarter, my most recent suitcase purchase was a splurge. It’s Eagle Creek’s Load Warrior. I chose it for several reasons: unpacked it weighs under 5 pounds, it has wheels and a handle (my shoulders won’t take a backpack’s weight for long), and I could try it at a couple of local stores. I ended up buying it locally, on sale.

But, even though my back won’t take a backpack for long, I wish this had a backpack-strap option for those times I’m navigating stairs or cobblestoned streets. The multiple handles help, but it’s still tough to navigate crowded stairs since I’m a handrail-holder.

Anyway, this bag worked great for a 3-week trip. Fully loaded with clothing, toiletries, snacks, all my miscellaneous stuff, and two pairs of shoes, it came in at about 18 pounds. (Packed photo, below.) Yep, I use packing cubes and bags, more on those later.

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