#SpringFling Entry: Max and the Bear



By Lisa Lowe Stauffer

April 1, 2022

(144 words)


A snuffle woke Max.

In the dark space, he smelled spring and—oh no!—bear!

It all came flooding back—icy rain, his frozen nose, the dash into a cave, and cuddling up to what he thought was a large snoring dog.

He stood up, alarmed. What if the bear woke and decided a cat snack was just the thing?

The bear snorted.

Max froze, one paw in the air.

The bear shifted.

Max leapt! He raced through the woods, all the way to his very own yard.


The bear sighed when he saw the kitten leave. Earlier he’d noticed his purring companion, and been thrilled. Finally, a pet of his own!

But now, summer would be lonely again. No matter, he told himself, shaking off the last of winter.

He’d get a box. Cats loved boxes. Maybe the next one would stay.



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