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Thanks to enterprising, community-spirited author and agent Kaitlyn Sanchez and author Lydia Lukidis, creators of #FallWritingFrenzy!

If you’ve never heard of this fun little contest (it’s free!) that has loads of professionals offering free critiques as prizes, click here. It’s certainly helped get my writing back on track in this worrisome time!

In a nutshell, you choose a photo from their website’s portfolio for this season, and write up to 200 words about or from or inspired by that photo. I chose a very spooky one, and wrote a tiny picture book about it. Think of this as a scary story (that’s not scary at the end) for very young children.

Here’s my photo choice:

Person running through foggy woods
What happens when 10 friends play in the spooky woods?

Among the Trees

By Lisa Lowe Stauffer


Among the trees one misty day,

Ten of us went out to play. . .

One got spooked and ran away. . . 

Nine of us played hide and seek:

One disappeared, without a shriek.

Eight of us played leap-the-stump . . .

The last in line—just a thump!

Seven raced from here to there.

One got lost (we don’t know where).

Six of us played old Red Rover.

One—poof!—vanished when he came over.

Five of us played toss-a-stick . . .

One absconded, double-quick.

Four of us climbed up a tree.

One went missing . . . then there were three.

Three of us sat down to chat,

Fog rolled in—one was gone like that!

Two of us hurried to leave.

One made it home for Halloween Eve. . .

One dressed up for trick-or-treat,

And found the rest—

down the street!


3 thoughts on “#FallWritingFrenzy

  1. Scary fun! I love how your poem celebrates children’s games and activities while ratcheting up the suspense and giving us a most-Halloween-worthy ending.

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